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Run Culture:



My name is Dane Verwey.

I created Run Culture, as I am a self confessed running junkie and am of the firm belief that running helps me live life to the fullest. Whether its the myriad of positive life qualities running teaches, the way it keeps my brain chemistry balanced, the friendships formed, the identity I’ve created for myself, the feeling of elation when you achieve, or the sense of structure running gives you when you have a set goal? I have run for 20 years and will be a runner for life. I want to create a blog/team/site/brand for running enthusiast where we can support, learn and grow from each other.

You will see that the Run Culture logo is a path, that verges into many other trails. I’d like to think that this resembles the many different adventures that running takes us on and much like ‘a tree’ these adventures allow us to grow not just as runners but as humans.

Let’s harvest a community that embodies the catch cry.





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