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(28/3/2018) Blog 1- Athlete Profile; Dion Fioncchiaro

Profile: Dion Fioncchiaro

Nickname: D-Force

DOB: 30/08/1988

2018 goals: Sub 31 for 10kms, sub 2:25 for the marathon and sub a 7hr 100km.

Long term goals: Not sure really. Just want to get the best out of myself as I can and keep chipping away until the improvements stop.

Goals for comrades? Break into top 20 on an up and a down year. What would make you retire your running career happy? Making some amazing friends, so I could retire now and be happy. But I’ve been lucky enough to travel a bit which is nice. There will always be the pursuit of a PB.

Will you ever retire? I hope not!! Or are you a runner in some way or form for life? I feel like I’m a runner for life. The feeling after a run can’t be replaced by anything else.

Job: Remedial Massage therapist at Physio @ Sandringham 03 9598 8221 Hours per week: Tuesday (9-3pm), Wednesday (2:30-8pm), Friday (1-6pm), Saturday (9-3pm) Hobbies: Cooking, music, watching Netflix. Favourite podcast at the moment? Inside Running Worst injury? ITB friction syndrome Sponsors: 2XU | Hammer Nutrition Coach: Sean Williams (Melbourne Pack) How much say does he have in your program? He has a good influence on my program and I do all of my Tuesday and Thursday sessions with his Group. My long runs are generally based on what events I have coming up. When did you start getting serious about running? I didn’t get serious about running until 2014 when I did my first Ironman and solo 100km race. Marital status: In a relationship with Jacquie. Favourite shoe: Adidas Supernova Glide Favourite session: Long run Least favourite: Fartlek Pbs? 5km: 14:54 10km: 31:29 Half: 1:09:06 Marathon: 2:25:02 50km: 3:04:30 100km: 7:08:42 Most memorable 3 career races/highlights so far? 1. Melbourne marathon 2015 (4:00:29 – Passed out with 500m to go. On 2:23 pace @ 40km) 2. Wings For Life World Run 2015 (68km @ 3:57) 2nd in Aus. 17th in the world 3. 100km World Championships 2016 (7:08:42 for 33rd in the world). Not my best ever race but I had an amazing experience wearing the Australian singlet. Most annoying trait? I am impatient. You are notoriously know as a humble guy but what do you see as your strengths? I am the type of runner who isn’t afraid of running long distances. I have a strong body which allows me to endue big mileage. How do you stay mentally strong and focused in a 100k track race? Over 100km it can be hard to be focused the entire time so I break it down into lots of smaller goals and reassess after each small goal is achieved. I try to keep up with other runners if possible. But I think the training makes you mentally strong if done correctly.

Life moto? Never Say Die (Tattooed onto my left bicep in Japanese) What you are training for at the moment? I am currently training for the Canberra marathon at the moment. However, not long afterwards I have a few other races like Wings For Life World Run. Hopefully I can run close to 70km which is why I ran a 50km long run last week.

Dion, can you give readers an idea of what a recent training week looks like for you?

Mon – labour day Am 22.4km @ 4:38 Pm 13.2km @ 4:32 (60 mins) Felt great! Tues Am 8.2km @ 4:42 @ 120bpm Pm 9 x 1km @ 3:02/km on 5min cycle.  (25km @ 3:53/km). Felt great tonight on a cross country terrain circuit. Awesome session since doing 8x1km at the end of last weeks long run. Wed Am 22.5km @ 4:40/km. Wasn’t feeling amazing but got it done. Pm 8km @ 4:40 after work. Thurs Am 10x 300m on 1:30 cycle in 49 sec av. 5 min jog then 15mins @ 3:11/km. (Total 24km @ 3:53/km) Pm 9.7km @ 4:38/km Fri Am 24.7km @ 4:27 with Caiden Shields. No soreness or tiredness at all Pm Cancelled run due to large mileage already

Sat Am 60mins @ 4:34 (13.1km) at 124bpm Pm Afternoon 20mins @ 4:32/km (4.4km) Sun Am 50km @ 3:58/km (3:18:24) Last 21km with Francesco. Super windy day and last part of the run against a strong headwind Pm 20min jog @ 4:39 (4.4km) Weekly Total: 230km

Mate, thanks for sharing a typical training week, I think a lot of readers will find it an interesting read. If anyone has some questions and feedback for myself and Dion after this first athlete profile for ‘Run Culture’ please go ahead and comment. Dion has said he’d be happy to answer any questions and I too want to improve my blogging. I’m just so happy to start this venture, ‘One must read blog a week for the super keen runner.’

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