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Blog 47: Running Podcasts: Recommended Listens! By Dane Verwey


Blog 47: Running Podcasts: Recommended Listens!


By Dane Verwey

How good are podcasts?!

I must admit I’m a podcast tragic/addict thanks to Brady Threlfall of TMYT and Inside running fame (a podcast I still very much love and listen to weekly). However, I refuse to quit, as someone who has a never quenching thirst to learn, is a runner and drives daily to work, they just make complete sense.

Until 2 years ago I thought a podcast was reserved to none other than the techno savvy people of the world. Infact I’d be lying if I said I knew what a podcast even was! Fast forward to today and here I am on daily basis before my drive to work or my run, checking my subscribed episode list in eager anticipation!

Infact, thanks to podcasts much of this years triple J top 100 countdown was foreign and new to me!

Now, for those that were like me 2 years ago and don’t know, just quickly, a podcast is a free audio recording that you can download from the internet, onto your phone or computer. Today, there seems to be a podcast on anything and everything. Forget libraries, information is merely a tap of a keyboard or a couple of bluetooth ear buds away! Of the many fallacies of today’s society eg. our huge carbon footprint, podcasts and the accessablity of information is surely nothing but a good thing, creating a more informed and educated world.

Yes, I listen to all types of podcasts but yes you guessed it I have a particular soft spot for running podcasts. Which gets me to the point of this blog. I thought we could all help each other out. I have created a list in no particular order of all the running podcasts that I thought are worth a listen. Now please forgive me I’m sure I’ve unwittingly missed a great running podcast or two. This is where I want readers to step up and comment on my instagram or facebook account under this blog and let me know about it. I want to create a resource that readers will return back to and perhaps pick up 1-2 great listens that they were previously unaware of.

New running podcasts/ ones to look out for in 2019!

That Running Podcast:

A relaxed unscripted chat between retired elite GB distance runners Ross Murray and Colin McCourt. Only 3 episodes in but the hosts have a lot of interesting connections throughout international elite distance running community. Could be worth following.

Stephen Scullion’s road to Tokyo 2020:

AA raw off the cuff insight to the day to day thoughts/life of an Irish Olympic marathon aspirant. Just ran a PB of 2:14 last week at Houston, will gear up for another marathon shortly.

Letsrun.coms Track Talk:

Possibly the world’s best online source ( of up to date running news, Rob Johnson, Jonathon Gault and Wejo have commited to producing a weekly podcast this yr. They started 2019 with a great episode last week. Look out for these guys, they know a heap about running and are always well informed and up to date.

Reliable weekly, must listens or watches!

Season 1 and 2 of the Team Ingebrigtsen: (youtube, not a podcast)

This youtube documentary follows the three Norwegian distance running brothers; Henrik, Philip and Jakob. Coached by their dad; Gjert it is an incredible insight into the sacrifice, commitment and laser like focus needed to be among not just the best runners in Europe but the world. Distance running’s version of ‘The Kardasians.’ (sorry also not a podcast, but needed to be shared)

Blog of former elite US marathoner Nate Jenkins where he details his training and thoughts, some great reading!

Perhaps the most clear and concise description of the Renate Canova training method you will find.

Inside running:

With the host stepping down his teaching commitments this yr, Australia’s premier running podcast should only go from strength to strength. Brady ‘froffer’ Threlfall, Julian ‘Moose’ Spence and Bradley Croker just provide the right mix of banter, Aussie distance running news and cracking interviews. It is no wonder why they are getting 8,000 downloads an episode now. The podcast originated from ‘The Road to Berlin’ side project of Brady’s original TMYT’s podcast. If there was ever a podcast to support on patreon, this is it, lets keep this good thing going!

Final Surge:

This weekly podcast has been interviewing the best and brightest coaches and athletes across the globe since 2016. It is hosted by Dean Ouelette and is 111 episodes in as I type. Some of the episodes I have really loved have been: Tom ‘Tinman’ Schwartz and Joe Vigil.

Citius Mag:

Chris Chavez formerly of ESPN and sports Illustrated and now founder of Citius mag podcast, tries to cover all things relevant in running news. Chris has a team of 5-6 part-time writers on his Citius mag website, he is running the upcoming Tokyo marathon, ‘his legs feel good’ and he runs a good podcast. His recent episode/interview with Jim Walmsley was a good listen!

Capella athletics:

Is another great US running podcast that features interviews with prominent figures in the professional and collegiate running scene. One of my favourites was an episode with athlete manager Stephen Haas.

The morning shakeout wit Mario Frioli:

Host Mario Frioli is 35 years old a prominent distance running figure/coach in America. A great interviewer!! He interviews all kinds of people in the running community. He recently interview the guy below, Rob Watson.

The Rob Watson Show-

Along with the Terminal mile podcast, these are two ripping weekly Canadian running news podcasts. I particularly like the Rob Watson show as Rob was a 2:13 marathoner and really knows the sport. A particularly good episode was the ‘Aaron Cooper 3:07 to 2:18’ episode.

Peak Performance with Brad Beer:

Get utterly sick of the pogo physio promotion but a great podcast with some inspirational guests- athletes and practitioners. Well done Brad Beer!

Physio edge with David Pope (podcast) and Physiomatters (youtube) with Jack Chew:

Great physio listens for those interested.

The strength running podcast:

Now 82 episodes in, a great podcast with Jason Fitzgerald. Be it running injuries or strength training, Jason covers some interesting topics and he interviews some very informative guests.

Science of Ultra:

Ultra marathon physiology brought to you by scientists, coaches and athletes from around the world by Dr Shawn Bearden. There are many great episodes but I particularly liked; Stephen Seiler on interval training, avoiding the mediocricity of the middle, training on low glycogen, are injuries preventable, is cross training essential for runners.

C Tolle Run:

I’ll have another podcast with Lindsey Hein:

Running on Om Julia Hanlon:

All very similar podcasts, give them a try you’ll see what I mean. Some great guests on all of these!

Run Faster podcast with Jay Johnson:

Now seemingly defunct but some ripper episodes namely the one with Sam Simmonds.

Ben Rosario show:

A great podcast for coaches! Ben and co-host from final surge; Dean Ouellette interview high school coaches throughout America and talk to death about about training and training philosophies. One of my favourite episodes was when they interviewed Dave Frank of Central Catholic who along with Alberto Salazar was Gaelan Rupp’s high school coach. Also go to; the podcast ‘Coach Ben Rosario’ for some other great interviews done solely by Ben.

Afternoon treat with NAZ elite:

A podcast by HOKA NAZ Elite. If you haven’t followed these guys enough alreadyJ

Cloud 259 Running on air podcast:

Is a podcast devoted to distance running with Brenn Jones and Gregg Lemos-Stein. They interview about 10 sub 2:20 elite men marathoners in their first 50 episodes which are worth a listen. Their series of podcasts with Nate Jenkins in Gregg’s lead up to New York marathon last year are also great to listen to in series (Here Greg breaks 3hrs for the first time in 41 attempts since the podcast begun in 2013!)

Lets Get Running:

Simultaneously Shaun Dixon from the Lets get Running podcast detailed his sub 2:20 attempt and his gruelling training also under Nate Jenkins for the Frankfurt marathon. Beware of his co-host Jermaine’s distinctive laugh.

On Coaching with Magness and Marcus:

Coaches Magness and Jon Marcus team up to give listeners an inside view to coaching. These guys cover so many key concepts, with a mixture of science, philosophy and wisdom.

Running Rogue:

Produced by Rogue Running in Austin Texas. These guys chat all things running weekly. I personally really enjoyed the Peter Rae episode and learning about the history of Zap fitness.

Other Running podcasts worth a try:

No meat athlete

Are hobbies dead?

Run Run Live-

Coach Andrew Kastor



-Dr Trent Stellingwerff- A blueprint for fueling the marathon

-Stu macgill

-Jay Dicharry

Just Athletics:

A podcast covering the world of running and T & F. Chris Johnson and Josh Rowe interview great minds in the sport, generate discussion and laugh a lot!

Rob Vermillion, Jason Vigilante, Pascal Dobert and John ‘Wilhorse’ Truax episodes were interesting!

Tartan Running shorts:

A Scottish running podcast. To be frank haven’t listened to this one much but did listen to Episode 10 where they interviewed GB Olympian Andy Butchart.

Sparta chicks:

Courageous woman sharing their epic adventures and inspiring others.

Recent episode, episode 90 on January the 20th was our very own Jana Pittman.

The trail runners experience:

Conversations about trail running by trail runners by Daniel Farrugia. Jess Trengove was the most recent episode, episode 25.

Run with Sole- Reidy and Deano:

The original Aussie running podcast, no longer rolling but some good listens in there including an interview with Hawaii ironman champ: Jan Frodeno.

Roots Running Sessions: with Dr Richard Hansen

A podcast by the chiropractor Richard Hansen from Boulder who is also the coach of the Roots running group which includes Noah Droddy.

House of run

Jason Halpin and Kevin Sully chat about all the latest happening in the world of athletics. They have been doing this since 2015 and know a fair bit. For the running geek/nut/fan.

Marathon Talk

-So, so, so many good interviews. I used to fast forward to the interviews in the end.

Runners connect run to the top

Running since 2014, covering all kinds of helpful topics for runners, Sinead Haughey interviews running influencers, scientists and every day runners with inspiring stories.

The 1609 Podcast

Alexandra Sizemore and Evan Schwartz chat running news and interview other members of the running community.

Running for real with Tina Muir:

2:36 marathoner and mum Tina Muir chats all thing running and interviews elite athletes and health professionals including: Jared ward, Rich Willy, Steve Magness, Kara Goucher, Dean Karnazes and Chrissie Wellington, to name a few.

Trail runner Nation:

This podcast has been operating since 2013 and is 414 episodes in! A podcast devoted to sharing knowledge and advice to the trail running community.

The Aussie runner podcast by Damon Roberts and Jeremy Francis:

Cover the Australian running scene.

That’s Running:

Two runners talking everything running. One is a physio the other a massage therapist, both are running coaches.

Runner chats Podcast with Peter James and Nathan Fenton:

A podcast exploring running culture in Melbourne, Australia, and speaking with the personalities within it.

The hidden athlete with Ross Burrage:

Interviews with humble elite endurance athletes who have achieved incredible things with little or no public recognition.

The Coach Jenny Show:

I really enjoyed theRunning strong with Keith Hanson’ episode.

RunCoco Training

The Sam Simmons episode is the cream of the crop here.

Running Podcast by Sage Cannaday

Sage is 2:16 marathoner turned trail/utra runner and coach.

And that’s me done. I don’t know many others but please, please, please (like I said) to make this list complete and more thorough, if I have missed a running podcast that you feel runners would benefit from listening to please add a comment under my facebook or instagram under this blog.

I hope this list, proves more than useful for a few runners out there! I urge us all to support the podcast world, listen, subscribe, share, follow and recommend. There is no doubt that podcasts really are helping create a bigger, stronger, more educated, supportive, connected running community globally. This can only be a good thing!

Anyway, we’ll be back again at the end of the week with another Craig Appleby update as he trains for the Tokyo marathon, which is now just 5 weeks away!

I hope you all continue to


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