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Blog 64- The Run Culture Podcast- Episode 1 & 2 Jess Dunsmore & Damien Clark. By Dane Verwey.

Jump on to Spotify to tune into Episode 1 and 2 of the new Run Culture Podcast with Run Culture Owl athletes @damienclarkk and @jess_dunsmore .

After 60 odd running related blogs over the past 12 months I’ve decided to try my hand at this podcast thing!

I will continue my blog as I do enjoy writing however podcasts are certainly a more time efficient means for me to create content and are far easier for subscribers to readily consume!

In this podcast over the next 12 months I plan to follow the running careers of a few athletes I coach (the Run Culture Owls), as well as several running friends. The podcast will cover the ups and downs of a half dozen athletes, which I’m sure will be as equally inspiring as it is educational! I also plan to chat to a few fellow running physios about all things running injuries!

The idea of this podcast will likely evolve and change with time.

Anyway, I have really been enjoying these chats I have had so far, they are very rough to start but I am new to this, the product will become more polished with time!

I hope this running podcast becomes a regular on your drivetime or easy run listening rotation!

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