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Episode 73:The Run Culture Podcast: ‘Thinking beyond Mileage’ with Max Paquette PHd in Biomechanics

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This week on the Run Culture Podcast I chat with Max Paquette a lead Biomechanist and Running researcher from the University of Memphis.

He has over 95 research publications and recently along with Chris Napier, Rich Willy and Trent Stellingwerth published a commentary about optimising the way runners monitor training load.

Max is a wealth of knowledge, he is a great follow on Twitter for any fellow running nerds out there where he can be found at @biomechmax and I was very fortunate to chat to him today!

He is currently also a high school coach, was a good collegiate steeple chaser for Canada and his wife Lauren Paquette is a professional runner for Hoka One One Northern Arizona Elite Running a 15:10 (5000m) and 31:53 (10,000m) this year!

A lot of sage advice in this one and perhaps a glimpse of the future of bettering load management. Enjoy!

See the PDF below to help explain a few of the concepts Max goes into when it comes to trying to better quantify training load amongst runners.

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