Run Therapy

Do you have a frustrating running injury that is just ‘doing your head in?!’

It’s not going away and you are ‘just over it’ and are at your ‘witts end’.

Is it sapping the enjoyment away from running?

All you want to do, is to be able to run pain free again?

Are you feeling unfit and frustrated?


Well, Dane Verwey...... is a ‘running physio’!

The right choice for effective treatment for runners, is always, by runners!


Running physio’s understand you need to run again, it’s you, it’s your identity and that goal race/performance is only around the corner!


We understand the crazy training involved when it comes to being a distance runner…..



Book an appointment with Dane!


A caring physio of 10yrs, a fellow obsessed runner of 20 plus years, a 2:22 marathoner, a running coach, running blogger, lover of all things running.


He could chat about running all day! (how does Jess put up with it?)


He is also the physiotherapist of the Australian World Cross Country team ( China 2015/ Uganda 2017/ and Denmark 2019).

He has two offices:

      SSPC- Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre:


Dane currently practices three days a week at the Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre (a great practice!) on 131 Lower Dandenong Rd Parkdale 3195 Victoria Australia.

He works here on Mondays (8am-3pm), Wednesdays (11.45am-8pm), Fridays (12am-8pm) and every third Saturday (8am-1pm).

Please call Southern Suburbs Physiotherapy Centre’s reception on 9584 2000 to make an appointment or 


Run Therapy-

Brick and Mortar clinic:

On Tuesday and Thursdays, Dane practices at his own clinic at 2 Bolte Court in Frankston South from 7am-7pm. Here he has a fully functional gym, treadmill, consult room and reformer bed. Consults are generally a generous 1hr, so that you leave fully confident of  ‘what’s wrong’, ‘what to do’ and ‘how long the running injury will generally take to improve’.

Dane has a provider number and Private health and eftpos are accepted.

Services include:

  • Running injury diagnosis

  • Running technique evaluation

  • Injury management

  • Injury prevention

  • Running strength and conditioning

  • Running pilates

To book online, follow this link…



Please contact Dane at; if you have any other queries.

Telehealth consults:

Otherwise, for injured runners around the world that can’t get to this brick and mortar practice, Dane also does Telehealth consultations on Tuesdays and Thursdays (under the business name RunTherapy).  If interested, let us know at:

Dane is currently successfully treating several runners at the moment across Australia and internationally through Telehealth.

What is Telehealth?

  • Telehealth is online physiotherapy.

  • It’s the future of healthcare.

  • In this instance it allows runners who don’t have access to a running specific physiotherapist to have access to one no matter where they live in the world.


Inappropriate referrals where hands on management is preferable or medical investigation is required will be told immediately. Dane will only work with patients he believes he will be able to help.

Runners that succeed with telehealth are just like those that succeed in the normal clinical setting, they are the patients that listen to education and comply with their exercises. These patient’s positively change their body.

Through thorough screening, questioning, acquiring necessary imaging and a video conference call a preliminary diagnosis can be made. From here patient’s will be educated on why they are still not better, what they need to do, how long the injury should take, what to still avoid, what cross training or running they can still do (if appropriate- Dane wants runners running), how to settle pain and promote healing and what to do exercise and rehabilitation wise. This will all be done personally with Dane weekly through PhysiApp.

Further online consultations are more often than not required to confirm diagnosis, monitor progress, fine tune exercise technique and ensure compliance.

For pricing and/or further questions about whether telehealth is a good fit for you, please contact us at:

Anyway, here’s to fun pain free running!

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