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Dane Verwey is a highly skilled and knowledgeable senior physiotherapist, with a professional and caring approach. He is re-known for his thorough patient-centered assessments and being incredibly passionate about empowering his patients through education and exercise. 


 Dane has been a physiotherapist for 11yrs, he is a 2:22 marathoner, an accredited Running Coach and the host of the popular; 'Run Culture Podcast'

Dane has been the Head physiotherapist for the last three Australian teams at the 2015,'17 and '19 World Cross Country Championships. He has been a travelling Physiotherapist for Athletics Australia on many high altitude training camps.


Run Therapy

(Primary physiotherapist: Dane Verwey) 

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-7pm

Address: 2 Bolte Court Frankston South 3199 Victoria

 Phone number: 0425 819 160

Cost: 70$/consult

 Physiotherapy via Telehealth

Otherwise, for injured runners that can’t see Dane in person be it due to a COVID-19 Lockdown or geographical challenges, Dane also does Telehealth consultations.  If interested, let us know at:

Dane is currently successfully treating several runners at the moment across Australia and internationally through Telehealth.

What is Telehealth?

  • Telehealth is online physiotherapy.

  • It’s the future of healthcare.

  • In this instance it allows runners who don’t have access to a running specific physiotherapist to have access to one no matter where they live in the world.


Inappropriate referrals where hands on management is preferable or medical investigation is required will be told immediately. Dane will only work with patients he believes he will be able to help.

Runners that succeed with telehealth are just like those that succeed in the normal clinical setting, they are the patients that listen to education and comply with their exercises. These patient’s positively change their body.

For pricing and/or further questions about whether telehealth is a good fit for you, please contact us at:

Anyway, here’s to fun pain free running!

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