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The Run Culture Podcast has always been a passion project of mine, I've worked consistently over the past 3yrs producing running related content be it blogs or podcasts purely for the love of it!


I enjoy talking running, thinking running, growing the sport, educating and learning along the way!


Recently, I've decided to go all in with what I have created at Run Culture; as a physiotherapist, a running coach, an exercise advocate and general running fan.

I am currently running this podcast at a cost/loss and I want to keep the show on the road! Today, I’m after the support of the running community.


So, if the Run Culture podcast adds value to your life, then a small monthly $5 donation will go a heck of a way to keeping it alive!

By doing so, you too can also feel fulfilled that you are doing your bit to promote/grow the sport of running.


You will also have access to the weekly episodes, 1-2 days earlier than the general public.

Thanks in advance everyone!

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