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Blog 42-Tokyo Bound- Entry 2- By Craig Appleby.


Tokyo Bound


Hi all! We are back again for the second entry of ‘Tokyo Bound!’. I’d just like to wish everyone a very big ‘Merry Christmas’ and I hope we are all finishing 2018 with some fun and memorable times!!! Anyway, I’ll keep it short this week, as I am sure everyone is busy and I’ll hand you over to Craig.

10Weeks to go… ‘The Work-Life Balance’

What a final week of the school term it has been. It’s fair to say that I was a tad tired from last week but went into this taper week with recovery as the focus. I’m one who tends to race well off a more aggressive taper week, and this week was no exception… however, most of it was out of my control.

Reflecting on the past week, as well as the Steigen 10, has brought a great perspective on the saying “work-life balance”. Friday saw the end to my time working with our Grade 6s, as I will be teaching Grade 3 in 2019 (handing over the many extra-curricular responsibilities). This week was massive, as I’m sure many of you experienced leading into Christmas. Unfortunately, there was no time left and everything had to be finalised by Friday… ‘work-life balance’ = 70/30.

The following week’s review is by no means a cry for sympathy, it is however, a snapshot of my week and the challenges that we as runner-parent-workers face on a daily basis – some good… some not so. It does however allow one to be reminded that they are human and that not everything will go to plan. Flexibility and perspective in a training week, and cycle, is needed to remain consistent. Dane has been a key player in making sure I am consistent through these busy times – thanks mate!

Returning to the ‘work-life’ discussion… my reflections have encouraged me to discuss the situation where we as runners, nay humans, face when confronted with variables we are not happy with. This past week could’ve turned out quite differently had I not focused on controlling the controllable with a positive mindset. Yes it sucked that I had to work late most nights this week, foregoing the rest and adequate sleep needed for optimal racing, and yes I could have possibly begun a few things last week to lighten the load somewhat. However, it was not the case and the week was what it was… full on and extremely enjoyable!

Key point I’m trying to share here is that a growth mindset — one that focuses on being present in the moment, enjoying the process, and controlling what only you can control – provided me with the best headspace to run well on Saturday night, regardless of how well, or not, I believed I was feeling.

Enough of the reflective talk, let’s go through the past week and the Steigen 10.

Monday – easy 14km feeling very good, humidity was high however felt like I was moving. Niggly ITB after the weekend…

Late night sorting school stuff out. 11:45pm bed

Tuesday – AM 6km easy. ITB/nerve issue made my right knee weak during this run. Had a year level party to Casey Race. I worked on my ITB, TFL and hami on the bus ride, then enjoyed some water therapy with the students… (including the blow up gauntlet! Haha)

This helped a lot heading into the PM session. Cardinia Reservoir dam wall.

4km easy into – 2x 1600(2mins), 2x 1km (60sec) in 5:05’s and 3:02’s. 4km cool down. Felt nothing special, just got it done. Finished feeling good though.

Late night sorting end-of-year Amazing Race activity for the whole level tomorrow. 12am bed

Wednesday – 14km PM. Toss up between sleep or run in Am… I elected to sleep in, however I forgot to tell Patrick and Lachie… up at 6:15am… I tried, haha! Full day organising and running the Amazing Race (which the students enjoyed – yay) and parenting. My students were fabulous with Lachie and Patrick, helping me to run the activity. Another late night – Leadership interview prep – 11:45pm bed

Thursday – AM: 7x 200 ish efforts – rolled along ok, just not feeling fresh – obviously.

Back into school with Patrick for the interview, which was successful – J, then home for a nap… that was the plan, Patrick had other ideas…

Myo session during the day which helped a treat, flushing my quads out.

The evening was our Grade 6 Graduation – a fabulous event and well received by many. After this I continued to work on my students gifts. 12:45am bed

Friday – day off (beyond fatigued from work). Early into school to finalise the gift and tie off other loose ends. A busy but lovely day farewelling the students. After school we had the boys’ childcare Christmas party. Home by 7:15pm and spent. Early to bed!!

Saturday – 5km AM after a solid sleep. Last week’s throat cough was back. Still felt good enough.

Spent the day resting, pottering around home and grabbed a 90min midday sleep – heaven! This definitely gave me the confidence I was somewhat recharged and could run well at Steigen.

PM Steigen 10 4km warm up, 4km cool down.

The weather was mint for the race and the crowd was terrific. I was feeling confident on the start line, legs were fresh, run throughs were strong.

The race played out well, sat in for the first 5-6 kms, then led until 8 laps to go. Julian Spence (Co-host of ‘Inside Running’ Podcast) surged past and that was me done, I had nothing to fight the surge with and just ran as hard as I could manage until the last lap, where a few guys flew past me and I tried to hold them off, picking up the pace somewhat. Crossed the line in 8th with 30:17.

Sunday – AM 6km easy. I was meant to double today but I was so drained from the week that I erred on the side of caution.

Total km: 90

Happy… not satisfied though. I’m happy to be so fit leading into the school holidays and the marathon phase of training, and running a very quick 10km in a great race. However, I’m disappointed I couldn’t control the work load and race to my full potential. That is the challenge of the ‘work-life balance’ sometimes.

The positives are huge from this week and they are what I draw on leading into this next phase, not the one race that didn’t go exactly to plan. Your mindset when faced with these daily challenges is powerful, don’t underestimate just how powerful it is!

Cheers for reading,


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